Blacktown Girls High School

A Partially Selective Girls High School

Providing a superior education to young women in Western Sydney for over 50 years 

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A Partially Selective Girls High School

School Management Plan 2015-17

Gifted and Talented Education at Blacktown Girls

Entry to the selective class in Years 8-12 for 2016

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Blacktown Girls High is still an Innovator in Girls' Education    

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Blacktown Girls High School is an inclusive school with both academically selective students and local comprehensive students. The school focuses on quality teaching and the provision of the widest range of opportunities for individual achievement and success. The school embodies the current research and practices in Girls' Education strategies and presents a vibrant culture of achievement, opportunity and success. The staff delivers outstanding enrichment programs extending students in areas such as creative and performing arts, public speaking and problem solving. The students regularly perform in a range of knockout sports competitions and compete at regional, state and national level.

International Students, too, have the opportunity to study in the warm and welcoming environment of the school while experiencing an high-quality education in a safe and nurturing environment.








Blacktown Girls High School is a NSW Government school providing a comprehensive high school for girls. Here at Blacktown Girls we emphasise a broad-based curriculum where our students have the opportunity to excel in which ever field of endeavour they feel themselves capable.

    Here at Blacktown Girls High we specialise in Girls' Education.  


 We understand how girls learn best. How girls develop both emotionally and physically. All our teaching strategies, subject content, organisation of the School day, length of lessons and programs offered are designed around GIRLS!

We believe that comprehensive education offers the best foundation that students can have to prepare for their future in an environment of continuing and increasing change. Blacktown Girls provides the ideal environment for our girls to develop a life-long love of learning. We are proud to be a semi-selective girls high school.

Years 7 and Year 8

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Students follow a common curriculum in English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Technology, Visual Arts, Music, Personal Development/Health/PE (PD/H/PE) and BOUNCE.  In addition to core subjects, our unique program for Year 7 has developed especially for Girls at Blacktown Girls High School. It focuses on key issues such as self esteem, peer relationships, positive role modelling. Our program aims at instilling in our students positive qualities acknowledged universally as desirable qualities for young people to possess and practice.

Students with particular learning needs are identified in Year 7 and programs are provided to improve, challenge and extend them. These activities are spread across the curriculum to cover both creative and academic aspects.

Year 9 and Year 10

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All students study English, Mathematics, Science, History/Geography/Civics, & PD/Health/PE.

In addition to these subjects, students choose two elective subjects from a wide range of options including: Aboriginal Studies, Commerce, Dance, Digital Media, Elective History ("Tomb Raiders"), French, Food Technology, Information and Software Technology (Computer Studies), Marine and Aquaculture Studies, Music, Spanish, Textiles and Design,  Visual Arts, and Sports Science.

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      Year 11 and Year 12 

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The curriculum in our senior school is rich and varied and varied according to student selection. English is compulsory; students then select subjects from the following quite comprehensive list: Aboriginal Studies, Ancient History, Biology, Business Services, Business Studies, Ceramics, Chemistry, Community and Family Studies, Dance, Design and Technology, Drama, Exploring Early Childhood, Earth and Environmental Science, Economics, Food Technology, French, Spanish, Geography, Hospitality, Information Processes and Technology, Information Technology, Legal Studies, Life Skills Courses - Special Programs of Study, Mathematics, Music, Photography and Digital Imaging, Physics, Senior Science, Society and Culture, Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation, Studies in Religion, Textiles and Design and Visual Arts.

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         NOTE: The FIRST DAY of Terms 1, 2 and 3 are Staff Development Days (Pupil-Free Days)

           IMPORTANT NOTE: In 2015, the Government has announced that the last TWO days of Term 4 (17th and 18th of December) are ALSO Staff Development Days (Pupil-Free Days)

Term 1 Tuesday 27th January 2015 to Friday 2nd April 2015
Term 2 Monday 20th April 2015 to Friday 26th June 2015
Term 3 Monday 13th July 2015 to Friday 18th September 2015
Term 4 Tuesday 6th October 2015 to Friday 18th December 2015

Which Year Group would you like to visit?

Year 7 l Year 8 l Year 9 l Year 10 l Year 11 l Year 12  

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                            School address: Fifth Avenue, Blacktown   2148
                            Postal address: PO Box 6009, Blacktown   2148
                            Telephone: (02) 9831 7577
                            Facsimile: (02) 9831 7838
                            Web Address:

                            CRICOS Provider Name:

                        CRICOS Provider Code:

NSW Department of Educ'n & Communities (Schools)


                            Principal: Mr. Peter Flowers
                            Deputy Principal: Jeffrey Lumb
                            Deputy Principal: Mr Chris Sandoval


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